Published Work, Awards and Shows

2021  March COOQH Visual Q&A Feature Hoof Thrower

2021  Winter SHOTS Magazine Spotlight True Fiction 

2020  Fall SHOTS Magazine Spotlight True Fiction 

2019  January Edge of Humanity Magazine Feature Whispers in East Berlin

2019  June L'oeil de la Photographie Feature Hoof Thrower 

2018  January Format Magazine Feature Winter Carnival in Slovenia

2018  February Plain Magazine Feature Winter Carnival in Slovenia 

2018  March  Series of Dreams: Selections from 17 years/68 issues of Shots Magazine Published Book of Selected Photographers

2018  March SeeMe Feature Hoof Thrower 

2018  December SCOPE ART Miami Florida Exhibitor 

2017  January Dodho Photography Feature True Fiction

2017  February PRIVATE: International Review of Photography Feature Whispers in East Berlin

2017  April RoveMe Travel Feature Winter Carnival in Slovenia 

2017  August Im Gegenteil Feature Dreaming 

2017  September GoSee Awards Finalist Hoof Thrower

2017  October Im Gegenteil Feature Whispers in East Berlin 

2017  October Musee Magazine Feature True Fiction 

2016  March-May Erlebniswelt Fotografie Zingst Germany Print Show True Fiction

2016  March-May Erlbeniswelt Fotografie Zingst Germany Print Show Whispers in East Berlin

2016  May Klatblutt Magazine  feature Whispers in East Berlin 

2016  May FIAF feature Whispers in East Berlin

2016  August Crusade for Art feature Whispers in East Berlin

2015  February Paragraph Shorts ezine, cover and feature

2015  June National Geographic Proof True Fiction feature and interview

2015  June Open Show New York presenter for True Fiction project

2015  July Bird in Flight True Fiction feature and interview

2015  July Format Website Spotlight

2015  August Feature Shoot True Fiction feature and interview

2015  August Kwerfeldein True Fiction feature and article

2015  September Don't Take Pictures True Fiction Photo of the Day

2015  September Paragraph Shorts Once Upon a Time

2015  September GoSee Awards Finalist True Fiction and Whispers in Berlin

2015  September PhotoArtMag Whispers in East Berlin Feature

2015  September GoSee Winner People's Prize Award 2015 True Fiction

2015  September GoSee WInner Reportage Award 2015 Whispers in East Berlin

2015  October FotoIstanbul Slideshow Feature True Fiction

2015  October Plateform Magazine Feature Whispers in East Berlin

2015  November What'sUpPhotoDoc Paris Show Whispers in East Berlin

2015  November What'sUpPhotoDoc Paris Show True Fiction

2015  November Arte Fotografica Feature True Fiction 

2014  Winter Redux newsletter Winter Carnival in Slovenia feature

2014  November Sophic Society ezine feature and interview

2014  December PhotoArtMag ezine feature and interview

2013  February FOTO4ALL magazine, feature and interview

2013  Summer SHOTS magazine feature

2013  September The D Photo ezine, feature 

2013  November Metronome True Fiction feature

2012  Spring SHOTS magazine, feature

2012  Summer The New York Observer Scooter magazine, feature

2012  Winter SHOTS magazine cover, feature and interview

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